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Hello fellow entreprenuers, I hope you will be able to find some useful tips and advice in this blog to help you take your business to the top! It takes real dedication to set up and run your own business and learning from the mistakes of others can really help to carry you forward with your plans. Finance is often a bit of a bugbear and if not considered carefully or managed well, can end your dream and turn into a bit of a nightmare. The one main piece of advice I can give you, plan, plan and plan again.

Mar 04

Why A Sound Business Plan Is Essential For Securing Finance

There are times within the life cycle for any business where financing can become necessary. Financing can be secured at the start of the company to be able to obtain capital for start-up purposes.


There are quite a few expenses and financial requirements that will be necessary for every startup business and these include office costs, office equipment, salaries, travel costs and marketing costs. Every business has its own financial requirements and these need to be recognised before setting up. It is important to understand the basic financial requirements for running your business at the beginning so that you can project running costs and what a likely profit will be.



The first tasks, and probably the most important task during this period that needs to be achieved, is the development of an in depth business strategy. Properly done, this can lay out a blueprint of what must be accomplished so that you can have all things in place to start this business on a profitable note.


Each minute component of the organization is going to be analyzed and scrutinized so that you prepare and work out what needs to be done in terms of costs, organisation and implementation of the company. These are real items and real procedures and they should be put together in the plan. This will be essential to lenders or other financial backers who might be interested in providing financial help to the business. More importantly, it works as a guide for that entrepreneur to ensure that no procedure is overlooked during this process of starting and running this business.


There are many different templates that are available for the purpose of creating a business plan and a lot of financial institutions will be glad to offer you their assistance during this process.


Once the financial plan is finished, the business owner should seek the council of those people who is going to be playing a part during this process of obtaining financing. This might be a solicitor, CPA, banker and insurance advisor. The organizational form the business should carry out will be decided. The business could be set up as a partnership, a sole proprietership or perhaps a corporation.


Just one way of raising capital to be used in the business venture would be to sell stock. This could cause ownership being diluted though, but it can be a extremely effective way of raising money to the initial financing. When stock is bought in a business, the stockholder then turns into a part owner in the industry and so the amount of ownership is a prime aspect in this decision. Even so, it really is probable that the initial owner would not give up over a majority of ownership. When the selling of stock will be viewed as a way of capitalization, it is imperative that this parties buying the stock as well as the majority owner have similar ideas when it comes to the future of the business.


A more traditional method of financing any company is always to seek financing from the bank or other lending institution. So that you can achieve this, the company owner goes through a long and thorough procedure during which the business will be examined and what projections are in place regarding the future success of the business.


Additionally it is easy to understand why a really detailed business plan will be imperative to make sure that the business gets off to a good start. Depending on the type of business, there would need to be a thorough investigation on marketing projections and how the business will be marketed so that it is possible to weigh up how successful it is likely to be.


Another area where business capital could be needed would be when a business that has become successful, needs to expand. All the same projections and business plans will need to be examined and calculated so that the lender has all the necessary information in order to make a decision on whether or not to offer a loan.


Business financeIn the first instance, the lending company will want to look at the business in question’s track record because it will be easier to decide whether to lend money or not on the business’s history. When the business has become successful, then the lender should be able to believe that if similar business practices are placed on the expansion process, then there should be little reason why the company should not continue to be successful.


Needless to say, there will still be a lot of scrutiny although the entire process is going to be easier and take less time. Records of company operations could be investigated way back to five-years ago and it may be assumed that this new expansion process will probably be scaled to meet the latest financial needs along with the debt service required.


Most businesses will set up a good banking relationship at the outset of their business experience and that relationship allows the bank to learn how a business operates on an incredibly intimate basis. Usually, discussions will include things like mergers, expansion, relocation will take place over time and this is where many of the potential obstacles and issues will have been mentioned. This may facilitate the majority of the problems and will make the process go more smoothly in regards time to the actual event to take place.

Feb 12

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider SMS Marketing

There is an increasing need to reach those customers who are on the move. This is the main reason why SMS is becoming more and more popular as an effective channel of marketing. However, there are a few digital marketing companies that support SMS as their main offer. As a result such clients are missing out on a great chance to communicate with their customers.

There is a myth that most organizations believe about mobile marketing and that is that  they tend to believe that mobile marketing requires heavy investing on apps and does not allow for personalized targeting of customers. What they do not realise is that mobile marketing is easy to use and if offers the freedom to personalize the message reaching each one of the targeted customers.


There are some businesses that still shy away from using SMS messaging as a useful promotional channel, they still think that it is ineffective and costly. Read through the following five main reasons why you should choose SMS as part of your marketing strategy.

1.    IT’S OPT-IN
Most traditional channels of advertising rely greatly on reaching a large number of loyal customers for them to succeed. That is why they will take the scattergun approach and just blast an advert to a large audience and hope that they will get some prospective customers. This means that you will have to spend a lot of money on getting the message across to the customer, who incidentally, will probably forget it almost as soon as they have seen it.
With SMS marketing this is not the case as it offers the freedom for the customers to opt in. The targeted customers will have to enrol or sign up in order to start receiving the SMS messages. There are a lot of benefits that come with the opt in option.
There is an initiative from the customer meaning that they are interested in your products, otherwise they would not have bothered to sign up in the first place. The opt in option also helps the business in not wasting money on customers who are not interested in whatever the business has to offer.
Just like using email marketing, with SMS marketing the customers have an easy to opt out preference.

Everyone is eager to read any messages that appear in their inbox. Actually research has shown that most of the text messages are read within minutes of being received. Most customers have become accustomed to their emails having a lot of spam and junk emails. Also, most people do not check their email inboxes more than twice a day.
With SMS marketing you do not have to go through this. The customers have an option to participate in the proportional campaign. In fact with SMS marketing there is a guarantee that the customers will have to read the message.

Writing smsThe main appeal that comes with SMS is its brevity. It is not like promotional emails that are long with a lot of details. With an SMS, the message only contains relevant information that does not go past two sentences. There is a higher chance that the customers will read through the entire message because it’s short.
The brevity of an SMS also saves the business the trouble of composing a long promotional message. It is very easy to compose an SMS message and deploy it.

Most small business owners prefer SMS marketing because it is relatively affordable. It is a basic fact that sending an SMS message is much cheaper than having to place an ad in front of many potential customers. Different agencies have different prices, but most of them allow you to send a single message for a few pennies.
There are those agencies that allow a business to send bulk messages and payments are made at the end of the month at a flat rate which is usually quite low.

Most marketers create an SMS message that is very interactive and will convince the customer to engage. There are a number of way you can accomplish this. You can pose your message as a questionnaire that is targeting a specific audience. The audience will have to read the message and engage as the message requires.
There is an option where you can offer a toll free SMS reply service. This alone is an incentive enough to make your customers engage with your brand. You can also include a link to an entertainment video that offers more information on the product.

Jan 06

Using The Internet To Move Your Business Forward

There are many small businesses who still do not have an internet presence and this can be very costly. It does not mean that you need to build an expensive website and change the way your business works, it may not be the type of company that can do business online and as such would be inappropriate to do this. However, having a small website that gives information on what the business does, where it is located and using the power of the internet to promote the business can pay dividends. You do not need to spend thousands, indeed creating an online presence need not cost very much at all if you can do most of the work yourself. There are many free platforms on which to build a small site, WordPress for instance is very popular and is so easy to use. It is free to set up and use many social media platforms and also to get your business listed in local directories.

It can be really tough for small local businesses to compete with their larger national and multi-national counterparts and to do so might well lead to disaster for the small company. It is however possible to run a successful company that has those large businesses as competition and you may well have to think a bit laterally to snatch the opportunities that come your way. Knowing your customers and offering them excellent services that they want will keep them coming back for more. It can also mean that your customers will share your business with their friends and other contacts, which in turn can lead to an increase in sales. So, don’t neglect the internet or think that it isn’t for you, look at the whole picture and visualise how it can help you move forward.


Saturday 7 December is Small Business Saturday, the focus of a huge campaign encouraging us all to spend more of our cash with independent retailers in our communities. For those local businesses that want to make the most of the opportunity and take more trade in the year ahead, preparation is everything.

Let’s be honest, the internet has proved a painful disruption to independents, but these top 10 tips can turn the internet and other digital technologies to your business’s advantage.

1. Understand, prioritise and plan your next actions

Before you do anything, it’s extremely valuable to spend time understanding your current situation, identifying your priorities and planning your next actions. So many tools and techniques are available in the digital world that it is easy to get lost and focus on the wrong areas. By taking time to find out what is really important to your business in both the short and long term, you can choose to tackle areas with the most potential, and reap the largest dividends with the limited time and resources that you have. Planning will help you choose which one of the following tips to take up first.

2. List your business on Google Maps

Consumers are increasingly going online first to decide where to make their offline purchases. This tendency will only increase as the use of internet-enabled smartphones grows. To help people to find your business when they search online, list it on Google Places for Business. It’s entirely free, although you can pay to be pushed to the top of the list locally.

3. Register all your social properties and put them on your phone

The chances are, you’ve already set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page for your business. If not, this is the time to do so. You should also install apps from each of these services on your smartphone. Consumers are increasingly using social media as a customer service channel, and by having the apps on your phone you can respond to complaints or praise – or share interesting snaps – straight away from the shop floor.

4. Use online reviews in your store

Studies have shown that customer reviews are one of the most trusted forms of information to customers when they are making a purchase. These are easily accessible online, but not in store. The solution? Print out a few quotes and testimonials and stick them next to your most profitable products to encourage sales.

5. Put Wi-Fi in your store

While this may seem counterintuitive, in-store Wi-Fi can improve customer satisfaction and provide access to the information your customers need to make a purchase. It helps to prevent them leaving the store to purchase online at home. If you are reluctant to give Wi-Fi out totally free; just say that customers need to ask for the password. This creates an opportunity to open up conversation as they approach you. However, if you do provide free Wi-Fi, make sure you follow the next steps, too.

Continue reading http://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2013/nov/26/digital-tips-small-business-internet



Dec 22

The Effects Of Print Quality On The Success Of A Business

Considering how competitive the world of business is, it is important to do as much as possible to keep ahead of competitors in order to not only survive, but to thrive and grow. Apart from the quality of the product or service itself,

copyright Xeretec

copyright Xeretec

there are certain factors you can pay attention to that can make all the difference in the image of your business and the impression it gives to clients and competitors alike. Making sure that your printed materials are of the highest quality may not seem like a priority at first, but the value of making that little bit of extra effort can actually mean the difference between a client choosing your service or product over a competitor’s.


In a large number of cases (for some businesses the majority or even all cases) the customer’s first impression of your business is in print. If the printed materials are not of excellent quality it can give the impression that your business is not of excellent quality. No matter how great your product or service is, if your printed materials look unprofessional or of low quality, your potential customers and clients will not get further than that initial contact in order to find out.


Although we all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it is a natural and human thing to do; and with the amount of competition in the market there is usually no need for a potential client to try to find out what is beyond that “cover”. If the printed material they see gives the impression of an unprofessional or low quality business there are plenty of others for them to go to instead.


In order to give yourself and your business the very best chance from the outset it is important to make sure that the impression you are giving to your target market is one of the highest quality and professionalism. People will be more likely to feel that they can trust a business that produces their printed materials in high quality and to a professional standard.


Potential customers may be turned off if they find that the printed materials you have come across as low quality or unprofessional. Since this is often their first introduction to your company it is the equivalent of a store front. No matter how great the products inside the store, or how delicious the food inside the restaurant, if the outside of the building is shabby and not looked after, or if the paint is peeling, or it looks in any way in disrepair, people will never find out about the great products inside the store or the delicious food inside the restaurant as they won’t want to walk through the front door.


It is the same with printing. If the printed materials of a business are not professional and of high quality, potential customers who may otherwise have been happy to purchase the products or to buy the services, will not even consider going further than those printed materials to find out if the product or service is worth looking into since they will be left with the impression that the business is not up to scratch. This is especially the case if there are competitors of that business who are using high quality printing; these potential customers and clients will then choose to go with the business that looks the most professional and trustworthy from the quality of its printed materials.

Even if potential customers and clients do not make this decision consciously, it is enough to alert the subconscious to the fact that something is not right. Even on a subconscious level they will notice the low quality or unprofessional printing and their brain will recognize it to mean an unprofessional or low quality business and they will be drawn to the competitors that have high print quality. Once a potential customer or client is through the door so to speak, you will be able to share with them how great your product is, but if they are put off by the low quality of your printing, you won’t even know about it and will then not have the chance to get that far with them.


It is essential for a professional business to invest the effort, time and money into finding and purchasing high quality professional printing equipment that is right for that specific business. The quality of printing alone can make all the difference to the success of a business, especially if the competitors in the market are using the right printing equipment themselves. If you are finding your market particularly competitive, investing in the right high quality printing equipment can give you the edge you may need in order to overtake your competition from the starting post; influencing the customer before they even get to compare products or services.

Dec 02

Prepare Yourself Before You Promote Your Business

Promoting a business is not like anything else and as such you must plan respectively. You mustn’t tackle this likeBusiness. something else you may have achieved in the past. Provided you want to prosper with advertising a business, you need to prepare yourself for the unique challenges which promoting a business presents.

These are a few of the things which you may want to be carrying out right now:

— Having a marketing strategy

Regardless of how much you want to promote a business, it is obvious that having a marketing strategy is a requirement that must be set in place first. This would be the main reason it makes sense to practice having a marketing strategy right now, before you dive in.

— Joining local business groups

The most critical oversight that someone could make when preparing to promote a business is falling short on this important action. If you resolve to not join local business groups, it can make things more difficult for you to get your company known. This is how dependent promoting a business is on joining local business groups. Assuming you do not know how to join local business groups, then don’t stop reading as we will explore that here!

— Increasing online business profile

Promoting a business would be a mental process equally as it is a tangible one. Mentally, you need to be entrepreneurial and tenacious. Increasing online business profile every day can help you focus on meeting your goals. Carving time from of your schedule to increase online business profile ensures that you will be well prepared for engaging your business promotion strategy.

We would like to examine the quest to promoting a business fruitfully. We will strengthen you for a heightened level of victory. Please consider a couple thoughts one should prepare before seeking to advertise a business. Before promoting a business, you should figure out and make sure that advertising a business is the right choice for you.

Now that you interpret that you should be in the right mindset to promote a business, we can examine certain preliminary practices that an individual promoting a business would already be doing. Use this opportunity to include these practices into your life because this can make training to promote a business easier.

The easiest way to make that assessment would be to ask yourself a few questions:

Do you have your own business?

Do you want to your business to succeed?

Are you prepared to work hard?

Those should be the type of questions that a person who expects to promote a business may want to answer yes to. By responding to these questions positively, this means that you possess the personality type that will prosper in promoting a business.

Promoting a business involves a good deal of time and energy invested over time. So you can see, the ideal way to get primed for promoting a business would be to offer yourself an appropriate amount of time for your preparations so you can flourish. Do this, and promoting a business is much easier.

In the event you have been thinking about promoting a business, be aware you definitely have a tough road ahead. If this was effortless, anyone would do it. Most individuals who elect to advertise a business end up not ultimately following through.

You have previously asked yourself: “Do you have your own business?” Logically, you have to ask this to yourself. People that responded “no” to this will be powerless to take the first step to promote a business.

You asked “Do you want to your business to succeed?” You couldn’t have gotten to this point if you answered “no”. The actual truth is a special personality type wants to promote a business, and a whole different person ultimately does it.

You’ve already started a huge step for being primed to promote a business. Most individuals fail for a logical reason. They just did not interpret what they were getting themselves into. Promoting a business is something that needs you to be completely tenacious and prepared. Just by looking at what’s before you and being sure you are entrepreneurial and tenacious, you would be taking the first step toward preparation.

If you study those who have done well in promoting a business either this year or in the past, you will discover one thing mutually shared among the people who have done well. They understood what was needed before starting, and they acknowledged what sort of person is likely to succeed. When you recognize what type of personality is necessary to promote a business, there is nobody that stands in the pathway between you and your victory!

Being completely focused to promote a business requires dedication mentally, and physically. The best method to prepare all around would be to possess a strong consciousness and get mentally prepared.

Promoting a business is not just a diversion, or like working long hours. To get primed, you have to get entrepreneurial, tenacious, and resolute. Then you should be qualified to advertise a business.

Just know, joining local business groups is needed. Anytime your mind relays that promoting a business is impossible, just keep in mind that one who is joining local business groups will sail past the negativity and keep their eyes on success. Let’s examine what is needed to prevail since our minds are where we require it to be!

The best thing about promoting a business would be the entrepreneurial personality that would be necessary to succeed which can make its way in other areas of life. This causes you to become an even more entrepreneurial individual overall. Anytime you advertise a business, you would be training your spirit for that which will follow. It would be just one of the huge things of promoting a business.

Anytime you advertise a business, you may be spending a lot of energy. Fundamentally, you are competing against yourself. The tenacious personality which is needed to advertise a business, furthermore, contributes to overall life. While you promote a business you actually depend upon your spirit for stamina. This would be exactly what makes promoting a business possible.

Be sure to look at what is necessary before promoting a business. This is exactly what can be beneficial in related areas of life. Having a marketing strategy, increasing online business profile and joining local business groups should be regarded as activities that transcend advertising a business. Even though we would be evaluating this as being tailored to promoting a business, much of it can impact other areas of life.

Promoting a business takes much more out of one than one may think. Promoting a business is not just something to do, it is alternatively a total lifestyle shift. It clearly involves a unique set of characteristics to promote a business successfully.

Absolutely no one ever indicated that promoting a business would be effortless, and certainly no one ever will. Promoting a business can offer you thousands of benefits and skills to apply in life. Bear in mind, it can take some energy to get there. Promoting a business can serve a vital role in your life through forcing you to possess these good characteristics.

Nov 06

How To Successfully Work From Home

My  partner is a work from home  daddy and whenever I tell  individuals that he gets to work from  house the first response I get is how  terrific it  has to be. A lot of  individuals I talk with would love to work at home and  haveBusy business women a home based business.  A few of their  concepts regarding individuals who work from home include sleeping in  till you are ready to get up, going to work in your pyjamas, or not having to work for a boss that  regulates your every move.

There are  certainly  benefits to working from home and running a home based business however, the challenges should be carefully viewed and understood  prior to  starting.

One of the most  vital qualities of an  individual who can work from  house  efficiently is SELF-MOTIVATION. A person who can motivate themselves to  deal with something even if it is not the work that they want to do at the moment will have a  big  benefit.  Having the ability to go from one attention  getting  job to another  is necessary. It is  really  challenging to  remain focused when your attention is being pulled from what you need to do to want you or someone else  desires you to do.

Additionally, running a home based business  likewise  needs  informing yourself continually on the business you are involved.  Enjoying TV sometimes seems like an easier  option than  discovering more about  exactly what you  have to do for your work from  home based business.  To assist with this it is best to have a home based business you  have an interest in.  In shorts, don’t get  included with  offering  candle lights if you have no interest in them.

Another important quality of a person who can work from  house  successfully is that they are WELL  ARRANGED AND TASK ORIENTED. Knowing what needs to be done and getting it done within a reasonable  quantity of time are  crucial for  handling a home based  company. There are a lot of activities vying for a  individual’s time (i.e., the laundry  has to be done, the bills  have to be paid, the  backyard needs to be cleaned up, etc.) This is true even if you are working for someone else.  Nevertheless, when you are working for  another person you are a little more conscience of  exactly what  has to be done,  since you  do not  wish to lose your job. When you work for yourself you need to  develop  top priorities and keep yourself  responsible to do them.

Procrastination can be a  big  opponent if you  wish to run a home based  company, because there is not a  due date for everything and if you continually  avoided the work that needs to be done until it must be done you won’t make a  cent. Creating deadlines and having another  individual hold you  responsible  could be the extreme you  have to go to keep yourself working.

Another enemy of running  your very own business is having too much to do. An  individual who  creates idea after idea for their home based business can quickly  end up being overwhelmed by  exactly what they want to  attain.  The very best way to keep you moving in the  ideal direction is to write down your  concepts and prioritize them. When a new idea comes  compose it down to be  assessed later and work to  complete the  task you are currently on.

Having a WORK-LIFE BALANCE is  really  difficult when running a home based business. When you work  beyond the home you can escape from the workplace to the  convenience of your  house, but when you work from  house it is a lot harder to  discover a place to escape to. Another  difficulty is knowing when to leave work,  specifically when you have children  in the house who  desire you to  have fun with them or help them with their homework. Having a work-life balance can be  tough because of the amount of work that  has to be done. Even an established home based business person can find themselves  flooded by their work. Knowing when to stop and take a brake is  extremely important. One way to accomplish this is to  provide yourself  company hours or  produce a schedule and  stay with it or have one  specific  location to work in and another to  reside in.

Among the biggest challenges when you work from your house is the FINANCIAL OBLIGATION that  has having  your very own business. It is difficult to not have a regular stream of  earnings, because most people have  expenses and  financial obligations that need to be paid regularly. Some ways  to assist  satisfy this  difficulty are to make more  cash than you can ever  require (not  the very best reality  circumstance), reduce or eliminate the amount of debt you have and become  really thrifty with your money, or keep a part-time  routine stream of income to meet the regular bill  requirement.

Anybody who runs a home based business  have to become a good accountant. Not only do  need to run a home based  company but you  need to have a part-time work from home job.  Recording your  earnings and spending  should  end up being a habit. If you have a  difficult time keeping receipts pay for everything with a  charge card and pay it off at the end of the month ( make certain you have a designated business  just card). The best way to document your spending is to use a program like Quicken or Microsoft Money.

The last  element for financial obligations, when running a home based  company, is taxes. When you work for someone else they have to pay part of your social security and medicare taxes, but when you work from home and  on your own you get to pay both parts. You also have to pay taxes to the federal government quarterly.  Finding out about taxes, tax write-offs and having an  accounting professional can help you with this  aspect.

By  understanding the challenges of running a home based  company you can  figure out if a work at  house  task is for you. If you do choose to work from  house  delight in the  benefits when you can!

Oct 13

The Right Location for a Business Can Help You to Be Successful

For any business to succeed, it is important that it be based in the right location. Location is equally important when you are choosing a home or even going on a holiday. The opportunities available to a business can be greatly affected by its location. The right location can make the difference between success and failure.

Businesses need to be near their customers so that it is convenient for them to visit the business, whether it is an office, a commercial venture, a retail outlet or even an entertainment venue. This requires that such business locations must be convenient to travel to and have the right infrastructure for this. Locations close to public transport hubs are always priced higher in terms of property value and lease rents, just for this reason. The right locations are also those that have very good services like electricity, telephones and even the internet, as these are very important to the efficient functioning of any business.


Businesses will have employees and staff, which need to get to work to where the business is located. If this is convenient, the business automatically attracts better qualified and more competent people, and this can help them to better productivity and profitability. Businesses will also require suppliers and other vendors, especially if they are into manufacturing, and the locations must be such that they are easy to get to, easy for parking of trucks, and also convenient for loading and unloading. Factories and other commercial ventures located far away from city centres may choose them for the availability of land, the cost of real estate and other advantages. But they will find that their suppliers and vendors require to be paid increased rates, as such inconvenient locations add to their costs, and prevent them from any multitasking that can help them to reduce costs. A visit to such an inconvenient location for a representative of another business may mean he or she has to spend the whole day coming to the location and going back, when the actual work may not require more than an hour or two.


How then does one decide on the right location for a business? What you need to consider are:





Conditions of lease


Every business has a target audience, whether it is customers, vendors or others. Your business has a better chance of success if it is easily accessible to the majority of the people whom your business needs to cater to. This is especially true for retail outlets, eating establishments and entertainment venues. Locating these businesses in city centres does bring in more customers, as they will have come there for other things, and may visit your establishment, because it helps them to do two or more things at the same time.


Any business location is better placed if it is in a neighbourhood that is considered safe. It should be one that has a low crime rate, is well policed, well- lit and one where it is easy to find parking space. Such businesses will attract customers at all times, whereas areas not considered safe, will see a drop in footfalls after dark, whereas the   better areas will find the most business at that time.


Location Location LocationA business location is good if there are no competitors for you business in your area, so that you automatically attract all the likely customers to your location. You can locate your business in areas where there is competition, only if you are sure that there are enough customers for all the businesses in your area.


Any location for a business has to be at a price that is affordable, especially if you are planning to acquire the property. It is only then that the capital put up on such property will be able to leave sufficient funds for the more important aspects of the business.


When you are leasing out a property make sure you go through all the conditions of the lease carefully, so that it does suit your business and allows you to remain there for a sufficiently long time that allows you to establish your business. Long term leases are always better, as relocation of a business can not only be a costly affair, but can have you losing customers, who are used to your present location and will not like to come to the new one.


Locate your business so that you get the best advantage from its positioning. At times, this may mean paying higher costs for property or to lease, but if it means increased turnover, this may be more than worth it.

Sep 17

Fire Safety In The Workplace

Fire is something that should be considered in any workplace, even if you work from home. No business is immune and having a fire safety plan already in place could be the difference between life and death.


In the United Kingdom, businesses are required by law to have a specific Fire Risk Assessment in the workplace. This can be a useful starting point for assessing the existing fire plan and how things could be improved.

In simple terms we can say that Fire Security has a variety of elements:.


In the event of a fire starting, it is essential that people can leave quickly and easily.

Guaranteeing that the fire can be found – offering everyone a greater opportunity to leave.

Ensuring that you have sufficient emergency plans in place.

Fire fighting equipment is not always the safest way forward, it is a good idea to evacuate everyone safely and let the fire brigade put the fire out. Automatic sprinklers may not put the fire out but they should prevent it from spreading and give employees valuable time to escape.


Fire Prevention:

This is the most important factor because if fire can be prevented, the risks will be reduced.

Cigarette smoking is banned in the workplace nowadays so the old causes of a smouldering butt in the wastepaper bin is not going to be the cause these days.

Heat sources – you need to be aware of this and if you use space heaters with a naked flame, it needs to be monitored and kept clear of anything that is inflammable.

Combustible items (those with a risk warning symbol on them plus most aerosols) need care as they can ignite without a flame – so they need to be kept in cool and safe places. They ought to be kept in suitable containers and just very little amounts kept in the workspace – stocks should be kept in Flammable Cabinets.

Make sure electrical equipment is in good repair – PAT testing helps with this. It is essential you do not overload sockets and keep equipment clear of paper as well as dust in the longer term.


The actions that help stop fires starting also help in reducing the dangers if a fire does begin.

Specialists refer to Fire Loading – definition just how much stuff will certainly burn in a building. The more things than can burn the higher the fire loading. Timber, paper, cardboard and so on, needs a flame or extreme heat in order to ignite – but if a fire does happen to start, these items will feed that fire and it will grow. This is why it is so important to be aware of heat sources as well as what inflammable items could cause a fire.


Fire Walls are generally part of the actual structure of the building, whether they are brick or plasterboard, they will help contain the fire in one area. Be aware though, any changes made to the walls, such as drilling holes, could invalidate the value of these walls.


Fire Doors – exist to help to contain fires – they work by creating a physical barrier between rooms, corridors, etc. It is essential these doors are kept closed but not locked or blocked. If they’re left open, all that will happen is that any fire will spread more rapidly and decrease the chances of escaping.


Fire Shutters: In huge retail spaces, high danger locations and storehouses fire shutters replace fire doors – these run either when the alarm is set off or when the heat reaches a very high level. It is very important these are kept clear at all times.


Sprinkler Systems: These as soon as set off assistance control or perhaps snuff out a fire.


Automatic systems help in reducing threats as they work 24 hours a day and need to cover the whole office – they have to be maintained regularly – a minimum of each year.


Call Points – the break glass fire call points should be distributed throughout a building as well as every fire escape ought to have a break glass point next to it – in the event of a fire this enables individuals to alert you a fire has actually occurred. Again these must be checked and tested at routine periods.


Once a emergency alarm is activated it’s important staff and site visitors can leave – and undoubtedly do get away. There are maximum ranges set depending on different aspects – and this may need skilled recommendations if you’re in doubt.


In general you need to constantly have an option of 2 exit routes – if one is blocked by fire you have a second alternative. Not all older buildings have this.


Make sure any exit path is clear and readily available – they need to be tested and checked on a weekly basis to ensure that there are no obstacles.


Fire exits from any floor ought to lead onto a secured route – these are areas that once you’re in is fairly safe – thus they will constantly have at least one set of fire doors leading into them and typically sit with fire walls surrounding them – this indicates personnel and visitors have 30 or even more minutes to run away from the structure to the outside.


Fire Drills – allow people to understand what to do in the event of a fire; together with briefings, they are your fire training technique. Fire Drills are required at least every 6 months and have to be recorded.


fire-safety-tips--xsYou require a system of ensuring everybody is clear. Old made roll calls have their value particularly in smaller sized business but are limited in bigger business or where site visitors are frequent. Fire Wardens have the tendency to be a more efficient solution – although they need to be trained and plainly briefed on their duties. They in basic terms sweep their structure to verify everybody has left and then report to the person in charge or the Fire Brigade.


There are more complicated systems available such as Smoke Vents that can increase the safe evacuation period but do need experts to assist design and install.


These can be vital to fire security but similarly in many cases you ought to be intending to evacuate staff not motivate them to eliminate fires. Now sprinklers are automatic and do not need human input making them a very safe choice.


Fire extinguishers need to be positioned at regular periods – but once more every fire escape ought to have two extinguishers clearly placed at them. These need to be kept and records held.


Fire Hoses can have their value – but once again require training to make use of successfully and securely and once again need maintaining.


Fire danger evaluation allows you to completely think about all the aspects and identify a suitable set of preventative measures; for small company this can be done quite quickly using resources readily available from your regional Brigade, larger business may take advantage of basic recommendations and help typically by your security consultant or expert – but more complicated business will require expert fire suggestions and there are lots of business offering this following recent legal modifications that moved the onus from the local Brigade to the company themselves.

Aug 26

The Many Advantages of Using Stacking Chairs in Your Business

To most people outside of the furniture-making industry, one type of chair is very much the same as another. After all, they all serve the same function: chairs are designed for people to sit on. That is a chair’s primary purpose, and its sole reason for existence. Most chairs that are purchased for use in the home are chosen for their aesthetic value rather than any particular advantage one type of seat may have over another. This rings true for most domestic furniture, so there is no reason why chairs should be any different.


Burgess Furniture Como-65-1However, when it comes to corporate use, chairs have to satisfy a number of criteria, from functionality and durability to blending in seamlessly with a defined brand image. In these situations, there is one type of chair that ticks all of the right boxes and that is the stacking chair. Perhaps the ultimate chair for use in conference rooms, banquet halls and church halls, stacking chairs are becoming increasingly commonplace in venues such as restaurants and bars.


Choosing stacking chairs for use in a business is advantageous in a number of different ways. From comfort and versatility to saving on space, a stacking chair possesses many more benefits than you may at first think.


1. Saving Space


This is perhaps the first benefit that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about the stacking chair. Indeed, it is probably the main reason why this type of chair was designed in the first place. As they take up vertical space when stacked together, this ensures that vital floor space is maximised. This, of course, is highly advantageous when a large number of chairs are required, such as at a conference, but the space in which to store those chairs when not in use is rather limited. A trim stack of chairs also looks much neater, giving them aesthetic value even when not being used.


2. Manoeuvrability


It is all very well having chairs that stack neatly on top of one another and save space, but how easy are they to actually move? The vast majority of today’s stacking chairs have been designed with ease of manoeuvrability in mind and are therefore lightweight. This is of great benefit to those who find they have to move their chairs on a constant basis. Many designs also come with corresponding carts or dollies, making the process of moving a much more simplified affair.


3. Durability and Strength


Despite the fact that most of them are very light, stacking chairs are renowned for their durability and strength. Indeed, as a stacking chair is more likely to be moved around on a regular basis than a normal chair, it requires durability to be able to stand up to the rigours of that constant movement. Of the various types of stacking chair available, padded models are arguably the strongest. The seat padding adds an extra layer of strength, as well as additional protection when stacked.


4. Versatility


A number of the advantages already mentioned combine to make the stacking chair one of the most versatile chairs on the market. Their lightweight design and ease of manoeuvrability will mean that they can be taken from room to room and are equally suitable for use indoors and outdoors. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to functions such as weddings and other civil ceremonies that can often take place outside.

5. Comfort


Long gone are the days when stacking chairs were constructed from cheap plastic and were highly uncomfortable to sit on for any prolonged period of time. The models of today are constructed from high-quality materials, whether that is metal, plastic or wood, and they feature upholstered seats. More importantly, most also feature a curved back, which can often also be upholstered and has been specially designed to reduce the possibility of uncomfortable back pain brought about by sitting in a chair for a lengthy time period.


6. Professional Appearance


When it comes to running a successful business, image is vital. No matter how good your overall service is or how enticing your offers may be, if your overall image looks unprofessional you will not attract customers in the first place. Furniture plays an important role in the general aesthetics of your business, with first impressions counting every time. Stacking chairs come in a range of styles and colours to best match your company’s brand and they have a much higher aesthetic value than that of a standard folding chair, for instance.


7. Cost-Effective


It may seem obvious to say it, but stacking chairs are designed to be used in groups. It is not very often that a purchase of a single stacking chair is made, as this rather defeats the purpose for which they were constructed. As they are designed for bulk use, this means that the average cost of purchasing a group of stacking chairs is often less than that of other chair models. This is especially advantageous for a business that requires a particularly large batch, such as a hotel with conference facilities or a restaurant with a lot of covers.


Thankfully, the old image of stacking chairs being cheap plastic affairs only found in schools has long since passed. The modern-day variety is versatile, strong, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and is the definitive chair of choice for businesses large and small across the country.

Jul 30

Have You Got A Crisis Management Plan?

Have you got a plan in place for your business in the event of a crisis? We all hope it will never happen but, chances are, something can and will go wrong when you least expect it, so you do need to have a plan ready to implement. It does not matter what business you are in, you can prepare a crisis management plan to help avert complete disaster. With the speed at which news travels these days thanks to social media, it does not take long for bad reviews, bad news or even dodgy rumours to get around and this can be seriously detrimental to your business. It is up to you to provide accurate information regarding the crisis and you should do this on a regular basis. Make use of all the tools available to you, social media is perfect for this purpose. It also means that you can engage with clients or customers which makes for good customer service. Find out more in the following piece.

One of the benefits of social media is undoubtedly its immediacy and its timeliness. It gives the user a way to be present with their audience in almost any situation, sharing continuous information from wherever they are and enjoying ongoing discussions that can’t always be limited to a contained period.

It is this very reason that social media is one of the most widely-used ways that brands and organisations connect with their audiences, particularly in times of crisis. When hit by complications; difficulties, and perhaps even blind panic, brands need a way to cut through the fog of spectacle and reach out to their customers; taking decisive responsibility for the matter at hand and issuing a clear plan of action.

So how can brands go about doing this? Here is a five step guide to using social media in crisis management.

1. Timing is everything

Social media is all about timing.

Brands should waste no time diving into the conversation the moment a crisis strikes, and silence should NOT be an option. The sooner you can prove to customers that you are present and dedicated to addressing an issue, you will earn your customers’ trust.

If possible, making customers aware of a service disruption or impending blunder before it has even happened is highly advised. Not only will this show transparency and garner more respect for your brand; it will also give you a chance to offer instructions to customers and allow them to make appropriate preparations for the storm.

The 5 Step Guide To Using Social Media In Crisis Management image The 5 key steps to using social media for crisis management 600x353

During any crisis, the frequency of updates is key. Social media consultancy firm Frishling advises issuing a new update every ten minutes in the immediate aftermath, even if there is nothing new to report. You may be able to leave more time between updates in the days and weeks that follow of course, and this is natural.

However, it is important to keep the pressure turned up until your brand and your customers are out of the danger zone. This is when all customer questions have been answered; the situation has been or is being addressed, and when there is no longer anyone at risk.

2. Own the conversation

In times of negativity, social media will often be the first place customers head to – not just for information, but to give their own insight and perhaps even bash your brand in the process.

Don’t let the conversation get out of control – decide on an appropriate hashtag for the events to follow and use this as a symbol across all your platforms for all trustworthy, reliable and honest information surrounding the crisis. Doing this from the very beginning will not only inhibit people from devising their own illegitimate hashtags (that can mislead customers and lead to some bad press); it will also make sure your brand is the leading, go-to source of information for everything to do with the crisis.
Read more at http://www.business2community.com/crisis-management/5-step-guide-using-social-media-crisis-management-0927369#vaCe3MVCaXZqQKHW.99

Further information

Crisis management

10 tips for reputation and crisis management


Jul 16

Using Your Website For B2B Lead Generation

Your website could be pretty but it’s most likely ineffective. Many businesspeople naturally understand that the only function of their site is to bring in new clients, customers, or accounts. Regrettably, they all appear to be listening to the wrong people when it pertains to developing a internet site that really does that. It’s simply a little disheartening to see many great companies losing out on the business-building power of the internet and occasionally even losing market share to their smaller, more active and internet smart competitors.

So, if you do think that the major purpose of your web site is to bring in new consumers, customers, or accounts, keep reading and I’ll inform you in plain, easy-to-understand English precisely the best ways to do it. OK, first off, you’re probably hearing a designer or advertising agency about your website. In fact, they have actually probably persuaded you to let them oversee the whole design and building of the whole thing. That’s what I meant by paying attention to the wrong individuals.


Branding and image structure are important-especially for big corporate like a bank, insurance business, or stock brokerage. They deal with individuals’ hard-earned cash, so they’ve got to build and maintain an image that communicates trust and reliability. However, an image, even a terrific one, without a engaging message is like an vacant shell. Whereas it is important for a potential client to trust you it is even more to provide them a convincing reason to work with you. Which is among the things your internet site have to do for you.


In fact, your website truly only needs to do two things and 2 things only …


One is to produce a steady flow of people to the website. I’m talking about an outright flood, not the little drip of traffic you’re probably getting now.


And the other is to present a message that in kind and element forces them to stop and recognize that they absolutely need what you’re providing and they’re not getting it from other business with whom they could be trading.


It’s only when your internet site does both of the above that it can lastly become the effective business weapon it ought to be. Of course, your financial investment in branding and image creation can be included into this, however as a partner to the message, not superior to it.



There are just 4 reasons people go to your website:.


Due to the fact that you told them to go there. Either you or one of your representatives told them, or your other marketing told them. These people are certainly qualified. They’re going since they want something you offer.


Since another person told them to go there: This could be a pal of theirs, or a promotional partner of yours. They might be qualified if they’re going there because somebody properly told them of your service and offer.


Due to the fact that they mistyped an address in their browser: These people arrived by accident and as they have not been drawn in by laser targeted list building they are most often NOT certified.


Since your site turned up in a search engine: These people were most likely trying to find something you offer and the very best Online search engine showed your link. They’re clearly qualified due to the fact that they were looking for something that your laser targeted list building marketing offers.


Clearly the very first group is good quality list building traffic, but reasonably speaking there just aren’t that many brand-new potential customers there.


The second group has tons of list building capacity, but they’re still not really qualified, are they?


But, if a third party gave them a real and precise need to visit your website, these individuals could be some of the most useful list building traffic you’ll ever get.


This is why SOCIAL NETWORK can be such a powerful list building force for you.


Social network marketing is a effective means of marketing your firm. Unfortunately, lots of people who assert to be social media sites marketing experts think they understand a lot more about it than they really do.


Obviously the third group above, are not individuals you desire, so let’s simply forget about them today.


This brings us to the 4th group-the individuals who utilized Google Search Engine or among the other significant engines.


These are the people who can make all the distinction between a B2B List building laser targeted website that creates more company for you than if you cloned an army of your best sales representative, and one that sees less traffic than a ghost town.


connect-social-media-xsSearch engine advertising is the most powerful lead generation of all!


They don’t care about branding, they just care about relevance. And just then it’s importance that fits into their particular algorithm or formula.


That’s exactly what search engine marketing is all about-creating your list building site in a way so that when anyone makes a search for one of your particular keywords, the search engine will take notice of your site and display it in the search results.


So exactly what makes Google, Yahoo, and the other online search engine see your internet site initially?





But not simply any content. It’s got to be high quality written content.


The online search engine aren’t smart enough to evaluate images or videos, they can just check out words.


The entire function of your internet site is usually to bring in brand-new customers, clients, and accounts.


Big ad agencies are a lot more matched for creating branding and image advertising than creating specific consumers, clients, and accounts.


There are only two ways a site can do this: generate a big flood of laser targeted lead generation certified traffic; and provide a engaging message to transform that traffic into consumers, customers, and accounts.


The most reliable sources of traffic are: recommendation traffic ( particularly social media); and online search engine traffic.


Search engines search for and rank internet sites based upon written content, not images, video, or other media.


People make buying choices based on an attractive and convincing offer more than simply branding or image alone.

Jul 03

Sound Business Finance Advice

It does not matter what sort of business you own, the following advice will help your business prosper.


You may be an online business, a conventional company, or you may be a larger firm employing more than 100 people. It does not matter what sort or size your business is, you need to know how to be financially savvy to keep your business running even during tough economic times. Good money management is essential so keeping accurate records, spending only on essentials and claiming back all the rebates that are due are all part and parcel.

Some of things you must not do include impulse purchases. We have all found ourselves in a position where we have bought something either because the salesperson was very persuasive or just because. However, in business this is not good and spending should be sensible and appropriate.

While you might think that you can’t have it, never do without professional services. These can be a saviour during an emergency situation. It is important to investigate all angles when looking at professional services, list the pros and cons and be honest about whether you or your staff could do the work themselves. By using experts in their fields, you are still investing in your own business and it is better to spend a little in the beginning on good advice rather than spending good money on a plan that has not been properly thought out and ends up being abandoned.


When sales are down, it is particularly important that you do not buy luxuries for the business. During more flush times, you will be able to consider upgrading equipment or buying new things that will benefit your company.


Your company’s books should be accurate and whoever does them needs to keep proper records. As such, it makes good business sense to hire either a specialist bookkeeping service or an accountant to ensure that the books are accurate so that you are not under or over paying taxes. Keep records and receipts for goods and equipment purchased for the business as the costs can be offset against tax and if you are VAT registered, you will be able to reclaim the VAT paid on these items.


You will find that most of your clients have the money to pay a minimum of some of what they owe you quickly. To keep them current, and the variety of receivables in your files to a minimum, you should call them on the phone and ask for the reasons why they’re falling behind. If you develop such a routine as part of your regular operations, you’ll find that your invoices will be paid regularly giving you the cash flow to pay your own business debts. It is important to retain a well-mannered attitude, don’t appear hesitant, or too much of a “nice guy” when it comes to getting money in.


It is a good idea to join your industry’s local and national trade associations because many of these organisations have a lot of pertinent information that you can make use of in order to boost your company.


business-finance-graphs-and-charts-with-calculator-xsAnother aspect which is frequently ignored: If at all possible, have your partner work in the business with you for at least 4 or 5 weeks per year. The important thing here is, that if for any reason you are unable to work, your partner will have some familiarity with various aspects of your business so that it can keep running without you.


The essential aspect of running a small company is to understand the direction in which you’re heading; to understand on an everyday basis your progress during that very direction; to be familiar with what your rivals are doing and to exercise good money management at all times. All this will prepare you to spot any possible difficulties if and when they begin to show themselves.


In order to endure with a small business, no matter the financial environment, it is important to surround yourself with wise people, and practice noise business management at all times.

Jun 27

Using Video Streaming to Enhance Your Business

Secure video streaming can be used to benefit businesses in many ways. Video streaming is the new way of the internet, with manyAdult businessman using his tablet computer to communicate his t services arising to help fill this new need. Taking advantage of these secure video streaming services to benefit your business could be an excellent move. Try secure video streaming today using these ideas.

Video streaming services like Youtube can help you a lot with your business. To upload to Youtube, first you’ll need an account. This is easy to do; simply sign on to the front page of Youtube and make an account. If you have an existing Google account, you can simply link it to Youtube and start your own channel. If not, you’ll need to create a Google account using some basic information, which is very easy.

Once your account is created, you’re ready to upload your videos to the secure streaming service. In the top right of the Youtube website, there should be an upload button. Simply click on this button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can easily drag and drop your videos to be uploaded. Youtube will then accept your video and give you a progress bar with how much of the video has been uploaded.

While the video is uploading, you have the ability to fill out some information about the video, such as the title, description, search tags, and release time. For the title, make sure to be descriptive and brief. In search engines, the first few words are the most important, so start with the most important phrase and keep it brief!

The description of your video should tell viewers about what they’re seeing, and provide links to any relevant content they may want to check out afterward. It should also be keyword rich, as this field is used by search engines and Youtube’s search itself to get people to your video.

The search tags should be a distillation of the keywords you used in your title and body. Make sure to use every relevant keyword in the search tags (separate different tags with commas!), but don’t overdo it. If you have too many tags, you’ll have a weak search response to any individual tag, so keep it focused and accurate.

On the right side you also have the opportunity to schedule the release of the video. If you don’t want the video to be available until it coincides with an event or release, set the time and date for release, and Youtube will hold on to the video until then.

You can also link Youtube to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, which can be a great way to let people know how to find your secure streaming video. For best results, your business should have accounts in all of these places, and your Youtube video should pop up an alert on all of them.

If you do a lot of videos, you may get the option to monetize them through Youtube, which means displaying ads before your video to generate revenue. This can be done through the monetization tab of the upload screen; simply choose “monetize in all countries” and Youtube will do the rest. This can be an easy way to earn a little extra money on the side.

When your video is uploaded, Youtube offers many ways to edit and improve your video. Check out the edit button from the video page under the video to see what you can do. There are tools for enhancing the brightness and contrast, trimming out unwanted parts of the video, clearing up shaky camera movements, and improving the audio quality. Try it all to see if anything might help your video pop.

From this screen you can also add annotations, which are very important for a variety of purposes. Annotations can provide links through an exceptionally long video so that viewers can see only the information they are looking for. Try putting a consistent annotation at the top of the video with links to every section.

Annotations can also be used at certain points in the video to provide external links or links to other videos. for example, if your video mentions a guide to using a product that you’ve uploaded everywhere, put an annotation in recommending that viewers click to learn more. This can be a great way to keep viewer interest and have them spend longer viewing your content.

After your videos are uploaded, you can check out the analytics page on Youtube to see what kind of response your videos are getting. This provides a wealth of useful information; you can see graphs displaying your demographics showing what country people are from, their gender, and their age. You can also see how engaged viewers are by what percentage of the videos they watch, and how many views you’re getting per video.

This page also shows you information about the status of your channel in the form of monthly views, subscribers, likes on your videos, and videos favorited. This can be used to track your success in the video sphere.

After that, you’re done! Your video will be securely hosted on the Youtube website, ready to be streamed. This service can be a great way to share your sales pitches, advertisements, investor meetings, or whatever other video content needs to be shared. Secure video streaming is the way of the future, don’t be left behind!

Jun 24

Could A Lead Generation Company Help Your Business?

One  location that can have a  enormous  favourable  result on a business is through the  efficient use of lead generation.  However Business handshake exactly what  precisely does lead generation mean and how could it improve your sales  drastically?

First  think of sitting down at your desk and finding a dozen  certain leads in your  e-mail inbox or voicemail. This would be a  though to  begin to any day of the week and this is  basically the outcome of a quality  list building service. In the digital age that we are now in, lead generation  has actually  never ever been so  fast and effective.

There are  numerous  methods to  produce leads. You can market your business and  promote all day long. You can  project and pitch and  offer and cold call and blog and a million other  methods. You can do this all  internal,  however  does not that  simply  appear like a huge strain? Why not get a professional lead generation service to do the legwork for you and  supply  real, prospective leads  with the  web – the world’s  biggest  info resource?

How does it all work though? Is it complicated to  assist in? The  response is NO! There are  lots of well established  business out there whose speciality it is to generate leads for businesses like yours.  The entire set up is remarkably simple. The lead generation  business promotes your  product or service or  site or whatever it is you  offer, through their vast  array of  leading contacts.

Customers are found  with filling out online  kinds, completing surveys or  registering for these services  and afterwards these are filtered down  additionally into the  greatest leads possible. Their information is passed on to you, with all the  effort already completed.  Okay, considering that the generation of leads is one of the most  tough parts of any  company  surviving and  prospering.

You might be asking whether  list building would work for your  company. Yes! Almost all  markets can  gain from a service such as this. There really isn’t any  location that  would not be better off without having leads coming in.

So, why should you use a lead generation service over  other  option? Well, quite simply, you  will certainly  accomplish some seriously high conversion rates on the leads, rather than  everyday  frustrations. This can only be good for you and your  company. There are  a lot of other bonuses to  utilizing this strategy too.

Using services such as these, you remain in control.  As an example, you are the one that determines the  rate per lead. You are the person in charge of selecting which  product and services to  create leads for. You can also  deciding  based upon other factors, such as whereabouts geographically you would like the lead generation company to narrow their search. If the service  offers you with  a lot of  result in  handle, then you may  likewise  want to have some control on the  optimum amount on a  month-to-month basis.


Still  uncertain whether lead generation is for you?

It’s a good idea to invest time into  examining your  circumstance  in advance and get some quotes from services providing leads. If yours is a new business that could do with an initial jumpstart, then it is an  perfect  chance to pursue. Also, if your leads  have the tendency to dry up during  specific times of year, then  possibly a  expert generation service  might ‘plug’ those  spaces and bring you  strong prospects.

Ask yourself, “If I’m spending xyz on other advertising  endeavors, then why not  provide  list building a go?” There are  much more  costly  methods to  promote than this, so it  ought to  certainly be a  factor to consider. You  need not be tied down with a company indefinitely and many  will certainly be open to  go over the possibility of offers and deals to suit your business.

When you have the leads on your desk, it is then down to you to  transform them into sales, but that shouldn’t be too  hard,  due to the fact that those leads  have actually been pre-selected and passed  specific  requirements. It will  definitely be  simpler to make sales than if you were  simply cherry  choosing  big groups without much investment in  consumer research.

Letting a lead generation  business work for you  will certainly make your life easier and your business  available to more success. By having genuine leads delivered  swiftly and consistently, you  have actually reduced your workload as well as generated a goldmine of  possible prospects. Improving your sales is what  need to drive you to calling a lead generation  business and seeing just  exactly what they can do for you

Jun 22

The Many Benefits of Working from a Garden Office

Recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics have revealed that the number of people who work from home in the UK has risen by almost thirty percent over the past decade. In fact, the current total of home workers is at the highest level since

copyright Future Rooms Ltd

copyright Future Rooms Ltd

this type of statistic was first recorded back in 1988. With over four million of us currently forgoing the daily commute, is the traditional place of work really under threat? More importantly, how do people who work from home maintain a healthy work life balance? Utilising a garden office as a base of operations may well be the answer.

Maintaining a Work Life Balance

The official total for the number of home workers in the UK includes those who physically work in the home, in addition to those who just use their home as a base of operations but travel to meet clients elsewhere. For the people who choose to work from home on a permanent basis, maintaining a healthy, well-proportioned work life balance can be a tricky procedure to master. After all, the home is a place of rest, a safe haven from the stresses and pressures of work life. When that haven also doubles as a place of work, the divide between professional and home life is broken and merges into one.

Once you reach the stage where it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between work and home life, it can be difficult to regain balance. If your place of work is also your home, where can you go when you need to escape from professional pressures? Often, home workers find they want to escape from the confines of their own home as they have spent all day working from there. It can sometimes feel like the walls are closing in. Maybe you have the opposite problem of not being able to motivate yourself in the morning when the work day is about to get underway. It can sometimes be exceedingly tricky to avoid the many temptations of being a home worker; chatting on the telephone, watching television and browsing social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter being just a few.

A Few Tips for Home workers

Whether you are still in the initial stages of planning to work from home or are a seasoned home worker already, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that the important barrier between work and play remains steadfastly strong and resolute. By creating a simple set of rules for yourself, home working becomes a much more streamlined process.

As a home worker, you are your own boss. Unlike working in an office, a factory or a shop, there is no manager to keep you motivated and there no official working hours. It is important to set yourself a working timetable right from the outset. By starting and finishing work at set times each day, you are creating a divide between work time and leisure time which is vital in maintaining that fine balance. Similarly, making a distinct distinction between actual work and household chores is also important. Obviously, when working from home you are much more likely to notice when the carpet needs vaccuming, the shelves need dusting or that there is a mountain of washing to do. After all, you are in the middle of it every day. However, these things should not intrude on your working day. Keep your list of household chores separate from your work to-do list.

The Benefits of a Garden Office

Of course, being a home worker does not necessarily mean you have to work in the home itself. In fact, the best way of maintaining a healthy work life balance and keeping your professional and personal lives separate is to not physically work in your home at all. Many home workers are now discovering the many benefits of a garden office.

Rising in popularity in line with the increase in the number of people working from home, garden offices provide that distinction between work and home life. They allow for you to have a defined place of work that is completely separate from your house but which only takes a couple of minutes to reach.
The benefits of having a garden office in which to work are many. As already mentioned, it is your defined place of work. It is quite surprising how much more professional it can feel to be working in an actual office rather than just from a dining room table or a comfy couch. This feeling of professionalism in turns leads to a more motivated self and an increase in productivity.

You are also much more likely to refrain from temptation while working in a garden office. With possibly just a laptop and a mobile phone for company, you are geared to work and less likely to play. Your home will once more become a place where you can relax and unwind, instead of playing that uncomfortable dual role of leisure area and work place. Once again, there will be a safe haven to which you can escape when required.

Many of the garden offices on the market today are relatively inexpensive, although this obviously depends on what size you choose and how many features you require. With your garden providing a picturesque setting all around you, a garden office is the ideal place from which to ply your trade as a home worker.

Jun 17

Business Finance Advice

Whether you are starting up your business or broadening it you will certainly need finance in order to doing this. This is specifically pertinent to new businesses that are simply launching. There many avenues that you can approach in order to obtain this launch finance businessand there are many different types of it available to you; choosing the right finance that will benefit your business most is the essential thing.


There is a stating that states ‘it takes money to make money,’ this uses a lot to new business endeavors. For your company to become a success you will certainly need a huge quantity of cash to start off with that can be used to get your company set up. This money will be used to buy equipment, pay the rent on your business property, use your personnel and make sure that you have adequate stock to obtain your company going as well as being used to pay the very first couple of months of all your costs.


2 of the primary reasons lots of new businesses fail to get anywhere beyond the beginning point are due to inadequate company capital and bad management abilities, which is why raising money is so important in the early startup stages of business.


Some ways in which individuals choose to fund their business idea is using cost savings, but realistically very few of us have that sort of money stashed, which is why we need outdoors aid. You might opt to obtain money from buddies or household if they have the funds to assist you or you might take out a charge card for the specific use of moneying your company. All the financial options that are open to you can be divided into two areas, either financial obligation finance or equity finance. Financial obligation finance is identified as being money that is obtained from differs different facets. This is finance that is needed to be paid back.

Some examples of debt finance include:

Bank loans.

Master card.

Asset financing.

All these are the loaning of cash in one kind or another and they will certainly need monthly repayments that will certainly have included interest. Lots of people nevertheless utilize their bank as the first call of acquiring start up finance despite the reality they are going to wind up paying even more refund.


There are downsides and benefits of using a bank loan to money a brand-new business idea. However the drawbacks of having a bank loan to fund your business launch far out-weigh the advantages. The advantage of using a bank loan for business finance consist of having the ability to arrange a payment vacation significance you just need to pay interest for a specific amount of time and you do not need to turn over a share of your earnings. The drawbacks however are that bank loans have stringent terms and can trigger cash flow issues if you are not able to stay up to date with your regular monthly payments. Likewise bank loans are typically secured versus assets and you might be charged if you choose you want to repay your loan before completion of your loan term.

The other kind of finance; equity finance, is frequently more ignored than it ought to be when in fact equity finance could be simply the answer that your business is trying to find. The primary forms of equity finance come from business angels and investor. Equity finance is money that is invested into your business in return for a share of business. With equity finance the benefits out-weight the disadvantages and equity finance is a lot more valuable to small businesses than bank loans are.


A few of the advantages of equity finance include your investor being committed to your company and desired tasks, they can bring useful skills, agreements and experience to your company and they can assist you with method and choice making as well as typically being prepared to invest additional funding as your business grows. Two of the main disadvantages of equity funding are that your company might suffer as you are hanging around securing your investor bargain and the investor will possess a share of your company.


The one point that you have to do when picking your business start up finance is to utilize a finance choice that is most matched to your company needs.